About us

The Incognite is a collaborating research unit affiliated with the Biodat research group at the Gerstner Laboratory and the Center for Machine Perception (CTU Prague). Our main goal is to carry out quality research in the area of Cognitive Science, an inter-disciplinary field devoted to the study of mind.

Our interests lie in low-level sensory-motor behaviors and in their connection to more higher-level cognitive skills, such as knowledge representation, concept learning and categorisation. It is our belief that these are very tightly intertwined.

First, we develop computational models of these phenomena. This includes building cognitive models and developing systems for testing and verifying them. Cognitive models are formalized mathematical or computational implementations of cognitive theories. The structure of the model corresponds to mechanisms and processes important in human or animal cognition. We are also developing, testing and applying new approaches and algorithms in this area.

Second, we apply synthetic methodology ("understanding by building") and build whole artifacts - typically real or simulated robots - that allow us to verify theories and algorithms in ecologically more realistic settings. At the same time, we seek to find ways of turning these artifacts into applications, pushing the state-of-the-art in robotics. In particular we focus on navigation, sensory fusion and automatic body model synthesis.