Bioloid toolbox for Matlab

This toolbox allows to fully control Bioloid Premium robot from Matlab command line. The connection should be established via USB cable or BT wireless. It is necessary to install custom firmware for CM 530 controller (included) that transmits commands from Matlab to robot sensors and effectors (see Documentation for installation guides). The set of Matlab functions enables to read and write information from any motor or sensor,plot the actuator trajectory, collect multimodal information etc. This primitives help to program complex behavior of the robot and record and store all the data in Matlab. We also develop functions, that read and process information from robot camera (Havimo 2.0). Bioloid toolbox should help researchers in this area to facilitate their work. The demostration of its functions is here.

Bioloid toolbox 2.0 available

There is a new version of Bioloid toolbox available. Due to many request we added some new functions to the toolbox. It allows to control power of CM530 ports. We also updated our custom firmware. New functions are listed in changelog file.

(Download Toolbox and Documentation)