Jaroslav Vítku

Hybrid agent architectures, biologically inspired systems

Research interests

Modular agent architectures, hybrid & spiking neural networks, neural engineering, hierarchical problem decomposition, (behavioral and cognitive) robotics, evolutionary algorithms, Artificial Life and generally biologically inspired systems in common.
During my PhD study I modified the simulator of large-scale spiking neural networks Nengo with capability of employing (SW or HW) ROS modules in simulations. This resulted in the NengoROS simulator.
My PhD topic deals with evolutionary design of hybrid agent architectures. More information can be found at webpage of Mobile Robotics Group.


09/2011 - present PhD Study at CTU in Prague, FEE, Dept. of cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics (supervisor Doc. Ing. Nahodil Pavel CSc); PhD topic: "Towards Automated Design of Complex Modular Systems Inspired by Nature"
06/2011 - received Ing. degree at CTU in Prague, FEE, Open Informatics - Artificial Intelligence; DT topic: "An Artificial Creature Capable of Learning from Experience in order to Fulfill More Complex Tasks"
06/2009 - received Bc. degree at CTU in Prague, FEE, Cybernetics and Measurement; BT topic: "Cascade Evolutionary Algorithm"